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Conservation District Cancels Annual Plant Sale

Popular Native Plant Sale on Hold Due to Budget Woes

The Jefferson County Conservation District has canceled its annual native plant sale for 2019 due to budget shortfalls and reduced staffing levels. The Conservation District’s Board of Supervisors determined that there was simply not enough staff time available to conduct the plant sale.

“This was not an easy decision as we’ve always seen this as a great way to connect with the public we serve, and it hurts to have to let it go for a year” according to Al Latham, Chair of the Conservation District’s Board of Supervisors. “It takes hundreds of hours of staff time to pull off the sale. It often costs more than we recoup and we don’t have the extra funds this year to cover the costs.”

A seven month delay and loss of State funding in late 2017 and early 2018 continues to keep the Conservation District from delivering a level of service that it has set for itself. The Board of Supervisors anticipates securing stable funding by the end of this year and the return of the plant sale in 2020.

About the Jefferson County Conservation District:

The Jefferson County Conservation District is a non-regulatory sub-division of state government created in 1946 to help land users conserve natural resources. Conservation districts are nationwide, grassroots conservation agencies.  JCCD is governed by a local board of supervisors, elected or appointed, consisting of local residents.

JCCD provides technical and financial assistance to help all landowners meet sustainable land use goals. Assistance is provided at no cost. Funding for our services is provided primarily through state and federal grants.


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