Family Forest Fish Passage Program (FFFPP)


The Family Forest Fish Passage Program is a funding program for small forest landowners to improve fish passage, by replacing impassible culverts with engineered bridges.

Culverts can be fish barriers

Culverts can be fish barriers

What makes a culvert a fish barrier?

  • Outfall drop from a culvert may create a barrier for both adult and juvenile fish, especially Chum Salmon who are not great jumpers.
  • Undersized culverts create high water velocity and this can be a barrier to fish, especially juvenile fish.
  • Culverts can become plugged, blocking passage for fish.

Who’s eligible for funding?

  • If you are a private, small forest landowner harvesting less than 2 million board feet of timber each year from lands you own in Washington
  • The culvert is on forestland and associated with a road. The land is capable of supporting a merchantable stand of timber and is not being used for anything incompatible with growing timber.
  • The culvert is on a fish-bearing stream wider than 2 feet and on a gradient less than 20%.