Soil Testing

soil in hands

Plants are like human bodies; they need good nutrition, air, and water in order to grow healthy and disease free. There is growing evidence that produce and livestock grown on land that is balanced and nutrient dense are more nutritious for us.

Annual soil tests can tell you whether or not your soil is balanced and healthy. The Conservation District will help you interpret the results and give recommendations for how to best bring your soil to a healthier state. We specialize in organic recommendations.

Building healthy soil can take years, so start now to get going on the path toward long term sustainability on your land.


THE BASIC SOIL TEST will identify Organic Matter, Estimated Nitrogen Release, Phosphorus (Weak Bray and Sodium Bicarbonate-P), Extractable Cations (Potassium. Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium), Hydrogen, Sulfate-S, pH, Cation Exchange Capacity and percent cation saturation (computed) The basic soil test costs $35.

THE BASIC SOIL TEST PLUS includes the components of the basic soil test plus residual nitrogen as Nitrate-Nitrogen, Soluble Salts and Excess Lime, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Copper and Boron. The basic soil test plus costs $50.


ADDITIONAL TESTS for metals and contaminants, microbial activity and soil index,  and plant tissue analysis (great for inquiring into plants which are not thriving) are also available. Prices vary depending on test.

Forms and soil sample bags are available at our office. Stop by or call to have one of our technical staff come to you to assist with taking the samples.

We send soil to the lab every Wednesday, so bring samples on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings along with a check to JCCD or exact change as we do NOT keep cash at the office.