Farm Planning

small farm

Jefferson County Conservation District can offer you ideas and incentives for creating a barnyard, pasture and cropland that effectively manages mud, weeds and manure.

Whether you have livestock, crops, horses or something in between we can help with the following:

  • mud and manure management
  • pasture management
  • stream and wetland management and protection
  • nutrients, fertilizing, and soil testing
  • and more!

The Farm Planning Process

soil in hands

  1. Make an appointment. A Conservation District planner  will come visit your farm/property.
  2. Define goals and objectives for your land. This is a collaborative process; together we build a plan that you can use.
  3. Inventory your farm. Your planner conducts an inventory of your land that can include:
  • Soil tests and slope of the land
  • Type and number of animals
  • Pasture, hayland, and/or forestland
  • Streams, ponds, ditches and/or other water bodies
  • Weed and pasture grass identification
  • Mud & Manure management
  • Roof run-off diversion and collection

4.  Evaluation and Recommendations. Once the inventory is complete, your planner assists you in evaluating the condition and  current practices of your farm in order create a specialized plan to best manage your land for economic and ecological sustainability.