Farm and Conservation Planning

Jefferson County Conservation District can offer you ideas and incentives for creating a barnyard, pasture and cropland that effectively manages mud, weeds and manure.

We also offer comprehensive conservation planning for all property types, including small forest land, to help you address resource concerns.

Whether you have livestock, crops, horses or something in between we can help with the following:

  • mud and manure management
  • pasture management
  • stream and wetland management and protection
  • nutrients, fertilizing, and soil testing
  • and more!

The Planning Process

  1. Make an appointment. A Conservation District planner  will come visit your farm/property.
  2. Define goals and objectives for your land. This is a collaborative process; together we build a plan that you can use.
  3. Inventory your property. Your planner conducts an inventory of your land that can include:
  • Soil tests and slope of the land
  • Type and number of animals
  • Pasture, hayland, and/or forestland
  • Streams, ponds, ditches and/or other water bodies
  • Weed and pasture grass identification
  • Mud & Manure management
  • Roof run-off diversion and collection

4.  Evaluation and Recommendations. Once the inventory is complete, your planner assists you in evaluating the condition and  current practices of your property in order create a specialized plan to best manage your land for economic and ecological sustainability.

Technical and Financial Assistance Opportunities through NRCS

Click here to learn about opportunities for technical and financial assistance through the Natural Resources Conservation Service.