Soil Testing

Plants are like human bodies; they need good nutrition, air, and water in order to grow healthy and disease free. There is growing evidence that produce and livestock grown on land that is balanced and nutrient dense are more nutritious for us.  Annual soil tests can tell you whether or not your soil is balanced and healthy.

The Conservation District no longer processes or provides interpretation of soil tests due to limited staffing and resources.  If you are still interested in having your soil tested, you can submit your sample directly to A&L Western Agricultural Laboratories.  Review the Soil Analysis Fee Schedule page to determine which level of testing you require. The S1BN test is a good place to start, and addresses most applications.  Read the Soil Sampling Instructions prior to collecting your sample, and submit the sample with the Soil Sample Submission Form.  


Need help interpreting the soil test results? King County Conservation District produced both a short and long video to help people understand what your results mean!

Short Version


Long Version