Water Quality Monitoring

Jefferson County Conservation District has been monitoring water quality in eastern Jefferson County since 1993. Watersheds monitored include: Chimacum, Discovery Bay, Ludlow, and Hood Canal. JCCD also assists Jefferson County Public Works by monitoring groundwater at the county landfill.

Parameters Monitored: E. coli, dissolved oxygen, water temperature, pH, conductivity, and turbidity

JCCD worked jointly with Jefferson County Environmental Health to monitor 31 stations in the Chimacum Watershed as part of the Hood Canal Priority Basins Project. For more information and data requests, please contact us at info@jeffersoncd.org.

With the aid of volunteers, we also monitor juvenile salmon and other fish species.

Trends in Temperature and Juvenile Coho Abundance in Chimacum Creek

Below is a dropbox link to a recording of Glenn Gately’s June 1st, 2022 Presentation, “Trends in Temperature and Juvenile Coho Abundance in Chimacum Creek”


Water Quality Reports:

Microbial Source Tracking in the Chimacum Creek Watershed 2021-2022

The purpose of this study is to identify the reaches where cattle markers and human markers occur; and to determine the effectiveness of septic repairs and livestock BMPs implemented since the MST monitoring of 2011-12.

Chimacum Comprehensive Report 2015

In 2015, the District completed a comprehensive review of water quality and fish data collected in the Chimacum Watershed over the past several decades.

Discovery Bay Comprehensive Report 2020

Discovery Bay Report 2011

Chimacum Creek 2011 WQ report

Final Water Quality Report 2007-2009