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JCCD Annual Meeting and Open House

Wednesday, September 27th   6-8pm

Finnriver Cider Garden

Join us for an evening to celebrate the conservation accomplishments of some of your neighbors, to learn about how Jefferson Conservation District can assist you, and to meet District staff and Board Supervisors while sipping cider.



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             Jefferson County forest landowners and managers will be applying herbicides on their property by helicopter this summer, starting between August 14th and 22nd and completing before September 22nd.  Dates of actual application are dependent on weather and project scheduling.  The herbicides that may be used include one or more of the following: Rodeo, Glyphosate 5.4 ( glyphosate ), Oust Extra, SFM Extra ( sulfometuron methyl & metsulfuron methyl ), Transline ( clopyralid ), Opensight ( aminopyralid ), Rotary 2 SL ( imazapyr ). Surfactants will also be added to increase the spray efficiency.

Sites of the aerial spraying are scattered through east Jefferson County.  The spraying is considered necessary for conifer release, to control vegetation that competes with tree seedlings effecting their growth and survival, and site preparation prior to winter tree planting. Notification of adjacent neighbors is being done by the companies involved, normally by phone or house calls.  The spraying will be conducted by a low-flying helicopter which releases spray through multiple, calibrated nozzles.

The spraying personnel are regulated by the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture and the spraying itself is regulated by the Dept. of Natural Resources.  Spraying is contingent on low winds to prevent drift.  All streams and wetlands will be buffered as per the tables found in Forest Practices Rules Chapter 222-38 WA Administrative Code (WAC).  There will be no application to flowing or standing water.  The companies involved make every effort to ensure the spray strikes only the areas targeted.

A monitoring program coordinated by the Jefferson County Conservation District has been in place since 1985.  A voluntary agreement was drawn up between the County and forest land owners/managers regarding aerial application procedures.  The overall intent of the agreement is to notify the public about the chemicals involved, and when and where the spraying will occur.

A vicinity Map of the spray areas will be posted at the Conservation District office (205 W. Patison St., Port Hadlock) and website (, and the County Commissioners office at the Courthou

Spray Project Vicinity MAP


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This article was written following a Livestock Watering for Managed Grazing workshop hosted by JCCD and co-sponsored by the Chimacum Grange on March 30, 2017.